Friday, August 22, 2008


(Boy does that picture look kinda small... LOL)


PRICE: $8 - 10 US
PACKAGING: 4 out of 5
APPLICATION: 5 out of 5
OVERALL: 5 out of 5

If you follow my videos on youtube, you will know that I have a hard time with acne and what not. I've used MAC's studio fix, which broke me out. Powder and liquid, mind you. And don't let me get started with Bare Escentuals! They broke me out like no other during high school. If only I can change back time.


This foundation is THE BEST foundation! I find that it works best with my MAC 187 brush. It hasn't broke me out yet, doesn't clog my pores AT ALL. It's a buildable foundation. It hides my scars really well. I've noticed, my sister AND mom too!, that I don't have a lot of blemishes any more. In fact, they're clearing up! Only scars are left and an ocassional bump when the monthly flow - ;D - comes in, that's it! Thank gawd for that. It's worth a try! It's a damn good drugstore foundation I have ever tried! I'm just in love with Maybelline's foundations! I also recommend the SuperStay foundation. :D Now, I'm a matte type of girl, so this gives me a dewy look. I just slab on a powder (MAC MSF) and BAM! I'm all good for the day.


I find that if you don't have a stipling brush like the MAC 187, it WILL, no doubt, streak on you. Don't overload your face with the product, go leisurely at first. Then build up. The packaging is another story, it's an eye dropper type of packaging. I would like it if it was in a container like the MAC's liquid foundations where it has a pump, but this is fine, also. Other than that, I have nothing to complain about!

I really suggest you guys buy this. Check out my foundation routine on youtube, where I used this product. :D

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