Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This first one, I'm showing ou how to do a French Tip, with a twist to it. I just added two lines where the white color would be. In this case, I used green instead of the usual white French Tip.

I saw reorsusie do this, and thought it was beautiful! I couldn't help but make a video. I went to her youtube channel to put it on the description box, but all of her videos are gone. ]: She had great videos, too. Oh well. But credit for this idea goes to her, minus the glitter part. :D

And in this one, I'm just showing you how to do two basic flowers. I had to use a paper since I had no idea how to film it, LOL. I had a hard enough time trying to find a way to record my hands. My camera had to be in an angle from a box, with was ALSO in an angle! Haha

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