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So here I am, back with a detailed review! Well, a written, that is. LOL.

First of all, I want to address something that has been bothering me. Just because some guru's on youtube get "free" items to review, does NOT mean that they HAVE to give a good review. They are giving a review so the VIEWERS will know what is a pro, and what is a con. I give my honest opinion in my reviews. If you want to see a product review, I highly suggest you go to Irene, pinkiexcharm, on youtube. She does great reviews and go really in depth in her videos. There are reviewers/gurus out there who says that they will not do a review if the item is bad. I, however, ask the person who had given me the product and ask if they still want me to do a review even if I did not like it. I want my viewers to know why I don't like it, and what I do like about it, even though I am not recommending a product.

SO! Onward to the review!

Price: $94.95
Price: 4 out of 5 stars
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5

What it claims to do:

Combining the best in flat iron technology with an eye towards the silkiest, smoothest finish. Tourmaline ceramic plates generate more ionic action than ceramic alone, sealing cuticles and repelling humidity for frizz free, healthy hair you'll have to feel to believe. Plus, the Biosilk Tools Ergonomic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is incredibly versatile: use it to smooth, straighten, spike, piece, swirl, curl, flip and bend your hair to perfection.

What I saw it do:

Makes my hair straight, yanks out a few strands, did not piece, swirl or curl. It did, however somewhat flip, smooth and straighten. I am not sure about spike, because I do not have any short hair to do it, ):

List of PROS

- flatten my hair
- heats up fast
- easy to use
- easy to clasp

List of CONS

- hard to curl, if any at all
- yanks out strands of hair while flattening
- cannot achieve any hair style that I desired
- had a odd gap when clasping

Let me say this before you read onto the full review. A good flat iron is an expensive flat iron. Spend that extra money to get a good flat iron. Do your research and see which is suitable for your hair. Every hair is different. If you say my video before reading this, I am going to repeat myself. Everyone's hair is different. Just because I say that I hate it, doesn't mean that you'll hate it, too. Just because my hair "sounds" like your hair, it does not necessarily mean that your hair is EXACTLY like mine. I bet has a great return policy. You can try this out, and if you do not like it, you can return it. I have been talking to a man named Jordan Armstrong from, and he's as nice as the next guy! And that would be the OTHER Jordan. I just had to throw that in there if they were reading this. Let me tell you, when I was talking to him, he said, "Hold on, let me hand you over to Jordan," And I just sat there with a weird look on my face thinking, "Oh god, I wasn't talking to Jordan? I did call his cell phone and he said "Jordan" in the beginning. Did I just sound like a blubbering idiot to another worker?!" And I guess he took my silence as an "uhhh" moment, and said, "my co-worker is also named Jordan, there are two," So I go, "OHHHH." LOL. Well, was that an air-headed moment for me. (: Okay! Story time over. As I was saying before I got distracted, they have a great return policy where you can read here:'s Return Policy

Remember, no exchanges/returns for wigs or extensions for sanitary reasons. It's like returning your used undies to where ever you bought it from.


When I got this flat iron, the first thing I noticed right away was that it was blue. And red. Red ceramic plates?! Now, I have never seen that before, so I thought it was pretty unique! I did not know that BioSilk was a product of CHI, so I learnt something!

I tried this flat iron out later that night. Use a heat protectant serum or some sort to protect your hair. I used my Fantasia Heat Protectant Serum.


I absolutely LOVE how easy this is to use, though! It's just an on and off button, and a dial for the temperature. Did I mention that it went up to 420 degrees? Now that's H-O-T, HOT! But I'm scared that that will damage my hair. I mean, once you clasp, a LOT of steam comes out! Haha.


I also LOVE the feel of this. The blue part is a matte feeling, I'm not sure of how to describe it, but it's soft, not like a hard surface. It kind of feels like a ring box? Velvet, but not too soft. That's the closest I can get from describing the feel.

Also, the wire is pretty long, so I like how I can move everywhere along my room or bathroom as I use this. It also has this Velcro attached to it so it has an organized storage. Why is that so cool to me? Because it's actually STUCK there, so you will never lose the Velcro! Just wound up the wire, and round up. It's that easy.

When I flat iron, other than the fact that it pulls out a few strands of my hair and the gap, it is a good flat iron, not the best, but a good flat iron, ONLY if you want your hair to be flat and some what flipped


The first thing I noticed that it made my hair smell as if it's burnt. That was bad, I had never have that happen to me before with any other irons, even my crappy Con-air one. (Can you tell that I'm not a fan of Con-Air products unless it's a hair brush? Haha) Anyway! The hair smelling part was bad, and I looked at the degree it was on. It was on a low 200. What the? 200? That's not good. So besides the smell, I cranked it up to 300 anyway.

As I was flat ironing my hair, I noticed that for some reason it did not fully straighten my hair, only the tip of the flat iron. Let me tell you this, my hair is poofy to put it blankly. It frizzes and sometimes there are a bit wavy at the ends, with the front layers curling in. In the video, I showed you how it is. So, as I was saying, I was trying to flat iron my hair, but the top of the flat iron wwould straighten, but not the bottom of the flat iron. I then looked at the flat iron, and saw this:



There was a gap there when I clasped it. I was wondering if I received a faulty one or was it supposed to be like that. I then just started to flat iron my hair as usual like I do with my HerStyler. Darn thing caught some of my hair and yanked it off! LOL. Now, usually I don't care if my hair gets pulled. You can tie my hair onto a truck and just drive, it would not hurt me. But I know a lot of you girls, (or guys!), hate having their hair yanked off. No doubt that will be a con.

Curling. Now THAT was such a disaster. I don't know if it was either I was cranky because it wasn't working right, or I had a bad hair day, or down to the point where I just couldn't do a curl that day. But after 20 minutes of trying to get the flat iron to curl, I went to go get my HerStyler and see if I can curl with that one. Yep. The curling was perfect with that flat iron. When I tried with the BioSilk again, same technique as I did with the framing your face one, it did not work. It just gave me this weird looking curl, or a flip.

Another one was as I'm trying to curl or flip, since there is a gap, it would let my hair fall through.

So today I was going to go out with my sister, and I told her to use the BioSilk and see how does she like it. The first thing she said when she finished her first swipe was, "What's that weird smell?!" So you can see that I am not the only one experiencing the hair burnt/weird smell. When she finished flat ironing her hair, I had asked her if it caught her hair and she said yes. So most likely if you use this, you're going to experience the weird hair smell and the hair catching.

I really wanted to love this flat iron. I heard GREAT things about the CHI. I actually wanted to buy the CHI and was on a hunt for it until I ran across my HerStyler. So to the point of all of this?

Do I recommend you buying this?

I suggest you try it out if and only if you're looking for a flat iron, hence the FLAT IRON. Not to curl or anything, just to straighten your hair. With the great return policy, what do you have to lose?

I am big on what it says on the box and what it claims to do. So if it does not do what it claims to do, that is a major thumbs down for me.

Visit to see their other items, and I see a few that are well worth buying!


Jess said...

i miss my chi

chi hair straightener said...

yes chi is really a best iron in my opinion. I have been using it last 1 month. No problem yet.


Anonymous said...

I have heard this flat iron. Its a good flat iron as i know. I am also using chi flat iron 2 inch.
Thanks for the details...

Anonymous said...

has it a dual voltage??