Thursday, July 31, 2008


So here's a lesson that I've learned during the summer.

If you suck at math, don't major in Business. Especially accounting. Anything that has to do with Administration. ): Let's just say that Business Admin. isn't my major anymore, LOL!

So! I've been meaning to update my blog about the BabyLiss Pro Nano Titanium, the one with the tutorial below, which I will post again on this one.

I talked to Jordan from today, and I realized that I didn't do a written review on the flat iron on here. I will be doing a written review on my HerStyler, also.

Any-whos! Let's get on with the review!


Price: $79.95 US
Price: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

Let's start with the product itself.

At first, when I saw "Nano" I thought it was small. Boy, was I wrong! I don't even think it has to do with the size. I believe it's something with the titanium. One of the most noticeable difference between this flat iron and others out there, is that it's titanium, not ceramic. This is what they describe the product on the website.

With the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1-3/4 inch Flat Iron you'll find the latest state-of-the art technology combined with wider plates that make styling long, thick hair a breeze. Innovative Nano Technology combines the high heat conductivity of Titanium in the plates with the heat-resistant properties of Ryton on the outer casing to deliver a smooth, snag-free glide down your strands. Nano Titanium plates with Advanced Surround Heat will straighten your hair 40% faster, eliminating damage and reducing stress, especially on hair that is thick or dry. This professional iron also features a slim, lightweight body and a digital ionic LED temperature setting up to 450 degrees F. If you have a thick massive mop that needs serious, snag-free smoothing, this iron is definitely for you.

Let's get the basics down. The heat goes from 320 - 450. Now that's HOT HOT HOT! And get this, the unique thing about this, is that when you look at the degrees, it's digital instead of the regular dial. There's a + and - button to know pushing it higher or lower. There's a swivel cord, and the wire itself is pretty long. The plates, they're mashed together, so no fall out! Yay for that.

So here's a list of a pro and con.


- the PRICE
- it's big, so it will get a lot of hair in a short amount of time
-makes my hair smooth and silky
- it's durable
- medium heavy


- the digital clock can be turned off, or to a lower/higher temperature by accident


Now, when I frist used it, I fell in love. it flattened my hair with one swipe. I love that in a flat iron! It makes my hair more smoother and silkier, which I think every girl wants. Who wants to have coarse, dry hair? It even made my split ends soft! LOL. Now that's saying something! I used the lowest heat to flat iron my hair, too. But when curling, I use the second lowest. Now, I was thinking to myself, This thing is HUGE! I don't know if it would give me any curls since it's big. But I was wrong. It gave me these beautiful big wavy curls. Now that's what I'm talking about! Haha. But I loved this. I would have to say, it is definitely better than my herstyler. And it's BLUE! Yay for blue! As I'm pulling down on my hair, it doesn't feel as if I'm really pulling my hair, it glides down smoothly, rather than the BioSilk one, it felt as if you go down, stop, go down and stop. This one just glides like butter on oil. Have I ever mention that I'm an addict for bread and better? LOL. >:]


See how I was saying how cool it was to have the on and off button on the side for my other flat iron? Well! Thing is, that one you would have to actually push the button to the side. This one, since you just push a button like a microwave, you can easily push it either on, off or to a higher/lower temperature. I've accidentally turned it off many times, but I found out why. Turn the button side in your palm so that your fingers won't hit it. That's it. One con. I have nothing else to say about it!

I don't remember if I told you about the prices and flat irons, but here it is. Splurge a little on a good flat iron. A "cheap" flat iron can be good to the eye, but it is really damaging your hair. Some with ceramic that are drug store brand still aren't good, they break easily.

In another note, has anyone ever tried hot tools? I've been eyeing that curling iron for a while now after seeing Pursebuzz use that. Helen of Troy, also! I've been wanting that in 1 1/4 for big curls at the end of my hair. If you tried it, let me know! [:

Sorry if I'm all over the place, I'm writing this review while I'm in class. Okay! Time for tetris now. LOL. Listen up, kiddies! Don't be like me. Pay attention in class. xD

Here's the Sophia Bush inspired hair that I did. You can see how the curls were, too.

One more last tidbit before I leave. also sells other hair products other than hair styling tools. I know, I know. I sound as if I'm advertising here. But seriously! I do research before I actually do any advertising for a company, and I see that they sell my elipitator! They're selling it for 68.99, when I bought it for like 80, I believe! Ugh. Could have saved me 10 bucks, haha.

Heat protectant! The best way to try it and not buy a bottle that can set you back is buying a flat iron that has a little travel size gift with your purchase. I've been eyeing the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray and CHI Ingra Treatment Protecting Treatment, too! So I'll let you guys know whenever I buy it. Ahh, the life of a college student. Being poor isn't a happy thing, guys! LOL.

So I highly recommend this flat iron! It's 79.95 right now, and if you use YT-2008bc as a discount code, you'll get 5 dollars off! Now that's a STEAL for this flat iron! Go, go go!

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