Sunday, April 27, 2008

I just realized that I haven't posted up my hair curling tutorial. Here it is!

Exfoliating my legs was a challenge for me, since I hated those pouf sponges thingy. So I had an idea. I can use my Dove skin vitalizer to exfoliate AFTER I'm done using it with my face. I'll be doing a tutorial/review on that soon. More details to come! I feel like a commercial. LOL.

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sania said...

your videos are awesome...i love your tips.. they are so easy to follow... especially your product reviews which are so useful...i follow your comments when i buy a new product... could u pls post a video on how to curl hair using a curling iron..i searched your blog but couldnt find it.. cud u also mention which barrel you use... i have a 1 1/4inch barre iron from hot tools.....which doesnt curl up at all... i think its the way i use it... i wud be really grateful if u post one real soon!!!!