Saturday, April 19, 2008


Leg hair, Arm Pit hair (YES, ARM PIT HAIR. I said it.), Bikini line, Facial hair, you name it. We all have it and us girls, and some boys, want it gone! Well, I recently bought an Epilator, and boy! Was I satisfied! This post will be a review on the:



There will be more pictures below. There's going to be descriptions on what they are, and how they are used.

Price: 74.99 at Target
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Product: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Hurt Factor: (haha) 4 out of 5
Would I buy this again?: YES.

Also, please note that everyone has a different pain tolerance. This is a review based on how I felt when I used it. If I didn't feel pain doesn't necessarily mean that you won't feel it. (:

What is an EPILATOR?

- An Epilator is a device where instead of regular shaving, where it will just cut off the hairs on your legs, etc., an Epilator will pull off the hair. You can say it's another way to wax. Think of it as a tweezer. It plucks the hair out... but this little device has 40 tweezers. LOL. (:

Does it hurt?

- From my experience, it didn't really hurt at all. The only place where I cringed at A LITTLE was my ankle and at the first swipe, my thigh. Please consider that I have a high tolerance for hair pulling. Meaning that if someone were to pull a hair out of my head, it wouldn't hurt. But overall, it did not hurt at all.

What does it feel like?

- After a while, I began to notice that when it pulls out my hair, it feels as if you're leg is numb like the needle-like numb kind. So if you can stand that, you can most likely stand this.

So let's get started on what's what!

My hair: is thin, not that dark.


When I held the Epilator, it was fairly medium sized. Just perfect for handling a device. I didn't find it bulky at all. Here's what it looks like compared to a quarter. There is a light at the switch where you turn on and it works great! You can see all the little hairs and what not. There are two speeds, slow (it doesn't seem slow at first, LOL), and a higher speed. After I got more comfortable using the Epilator, I switched it onto fast mode.


Now, when I first saw the Epilator's head itself, I was scared out of my wits! LOL. It looked intimidating, (I'll be calling this part of the epilator the "intimidating head") but it's not at all! You can actually touch your finger with it and it wouldn't cut your finger. It shouldn't, anyway. Ignore the hair like things, that's a cotton ball, I was de-sanitizing it. LOL. :D


This detachable head came with the Epilator first. It's for the "newbies." There are two massaging rolls. They're supposed to soothe your pain since it would be the first time using it. However, when I first used it, all that I found was that it tickled me to death! So I detached that head and moved on to the other detachable head.


This one worked wonders for me! Didn't tickled at all, until I hit my thighs. I'm naturally tickled at that area, I guess I'm bias at that point.




This is a totally new head of a head. Does that make sense? You would take the intimidating Epilator out, and this turns into a shaver/trimer itself. Which is cool, say if some hairs wouldn't budge, you can pull this sucker out and just shave it out. OR, if you're too scared to use it for the underarms, you can use this shaver.


After you have Epilatated and whatnot, cleaning was such an ease. They give you a brush, and with a couple of swipes, they're all gone!



Inside, it gives you a cute white pouch/bag where you can store everything. Note that mine is one with an outlet, not a rechargeable one. And you should NOT use this near or in water. Overall, don't get this wet.

This was how my first experience with the Braun Epilator was.

When I first pulled in the Epilator, I turned it on and VROOOOOOOOOOOOM! It was so LOUD! I literately jumped and turned it off. I never knew it can be so loud! So I turned it on again and looked at the intimidating head. It was moving fast and I was scared that it will cut me. So I turned it off, and went to pop a tylenol. LOL. I waited for a good hour, since I heard that's what you do when you go wax your bikini area. Either that, or go have a good drink or two. :D

After about an hour, I went back to use the Epilator. Holy mother of Cheesecakes! I was nervous. As I put it on my ankle, it pulled a hair out already and I cringed a little bit, but not that much. The tylenol helped a lot throughout the process. It says that the ankle to the knee should take about 10 - 15 seconds.

NOTE! Epilatating is a LONG process.

Legs. As I went throughout my legs, It didn't really hurt me. As I went along my leg, it just felt as if my leg had the needle-like numbness. And before anyone asks, YES, I do feel it pulling my leg hair out.

Thighs. Now, when I finished my calves, I went to the thighs. The top of my thigh, it tickled me as I said above. But that's when i was moving it. I did feel it pulling my hair out, and I have to say, I did feel a little pain. But after two or three swipes, I got used to it. If I had to say where did it hurt the most, I would say the top thigh.

Behind the thigh was another story. It was like my calves. I feel it pulling out hair, but it wasn't all that bad.

Underarms. Now, I'm a moderately chubby girl. LOL. And it says to stretch your skin as you epilatate. You can't do that when you're doing the under arms while another arm is occupied. But that was just me. I used the shaver head for this one, since I'm not even hairy at my underarms. It worked great.

The struggles I had was my knee caps. I had to spend a little bit more time as it's a more rougher surface and has dips and ups.

Bikini line. I have to say, it hurted mildly, but I think it would go better in time. LOL.

I didn't use the shaver head for my legs, as it was all HAIRLESS when I was finished. It took me a good half hour to an hour to do everything.

Overall, I LOVE this. I HIGHLY suggest that you pop a tylenol or advil an hour before. It'll help ease the pain. As they say, the more you use this, the lesser the pain it will be in the future.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, forget to exfoliate! After epilatating, I went to shower and used a fofa? Fola. I forget what one of those thingies are called. :D. to exfoliate. This will prevent ingrown hairs as it would get rid of dead skin cells and what not.



- Pop a tylenol or advil an hour before to ease the pain. This is like waxing. It pulls the hair out of the roots.
- Make sure that where ever you are going to use the Epilator, the surface area is CLEAN. Meaning no lotion, cream, deodorants, or ANYTHING is on. Wash with soap and pat dry.
- Don't use this near water. This isn't meant to be near water unlike the Panasonic one.


- EXFOLIATE. Don't forget this as it can cause ingrown hair if you don't do it.
-I suggest doing this before you shower.
- If you have redness, you can use a creame (like the ones they give you in a home waxing kit) or lotion to soothe the redness away. I find just showering afterwards get rid of it. (:

Hope this helps some of you! :D Don't forget to come back soon for a video review. I will turn on and show you how loud this thing is! That's the only thing I didn't like about this. (:

I will be updating on how long it will take the hair to grow back and what not. But do remember, than all of the hair grows in different cycles when you barely use it. It can take up to a month or so for it to ALL actually grow at the same pace. Do you know what I mean? Say if you missed a spot while shaving and now that you're using a epilator, some of the hairs isn't even grown out yet. So you would have to epilatate for a few good weeks. (:

I shall now go to sleep with my baby butt smooth legs. :D!


pursebuzz said...

Nice detailed post. I have an old sharper image one cost me about the same price 5 years ago. Never used it on my legs before. I might have to give that a go. :) Thanks!!!

sowmya said...

thank you thank you...thank you sooooooo much....... i'm yet to get one... but was really confused about how to use it and all that stuff... so you cleared all my doubts... now i feel much more confident on using one....

Agnes said...

I was contemplating on getting the Braun Epilator and had decided to google up some info on it from the Net first. Was delighted to have come across your post here. Thank you so much for sharing these details online, it helped a lot to answer all those questions I had swimming in my head :) Cheers!

Epilator said...

Great review, your video was very funny!! What's tylenol? Is it just paracetemol?

Anonymous said...

Stupid question, maybe. I'm looking for a facial epilator. Is there any thing mentioned in the instructions that warns against using it this way?

Anonymous said...

I'm a male looking for a facial epilator. Is there any mention on the instructions that warns against using it this way?

Breanna said...

This video explained everything I had questions about... this was great. Thank you so much!

Joanne said...

Tylenol has side effects. how could you actually suggest something like THAT?