Thursday, December 4, 2008


I admit, I'm a boots-whore. I LOVE boots. I can honestly say that in my room right now has four pairs of boots somewhere. More in my closet. LOL.

That's where I get my boots these days - and a bag. It's FREE overnight shipping! So that means that you get it the next day! How exciting. I found this site on Vanessa's (necessarymakeup)'s blog. Check her out!

So the boots I got are tall, knee-highs. Eh, it's a bit TOO high for me, but I love them nonetheless. I want these other ones, but they didn't have my size. ): It was an ankle boot, too! But I decided on the knee-highs. There's this other knee-highs that I want, also. I'm going poor! ):

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kae said...

oooh thanks for the site! i missed it when it was on her site. i love me some boots ;]