Friday, May 9, 2008


I had recently placed an order at and bought a butt-load of stuff. (: LOL Here's a helpful resource. (I had no other words. LOL) Go to

And, you can see the coupons they have! Free shipping, which is ALWAYS a plus in my book! OR, you can get a free mineral foundation, or brush! But, the only down side of this, is that you can only use ONE coupon. If you refer three friends, you also get a free gift. I did, and I got the lipstick cell phone duo. Another thing, is that it takes a while for them to ship. I totally understand, however. It takes 7 - 14 days for your order to PROCESS. But hey! for ONE dollar per item, it is totally worth the wait. :D

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Jess said...

saweet, thanks for the coupon site. i like looking for coupons online but only coupons i can print and use in store. i just hate the shipping fee. i always see free shipping but you have to spend like $50 or more. im not trying to spend that much! lol